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In a Nutshell

We are the only Suntan Outlet in Canada, which sets us apart dramatically from all other suntan facilities. As an outlet it’s our duty to deliver fresh brand name tanning products and superior tanning services for the lowest everyday prices guaranteed. We offer a vast product line that includes over 100 different tanning lotions from top brands like Designer Skin, Australian Gold, California Tan and many others. These products work wonderfully when paired with our top-notch tanning equipment; producing bronzed exteriors in as little as one session. Bodyshades would not be the sensation that it is today without our team of dedicated tanning consultants. Their unwavering commitment to providing all aspects of an unparalleled tanning experience combined with their desire to educate customers on the health benefits of tanning responsibly are the driving forces behind our success.

If you have yet to experience the “Bodyshades difference” we invite you to come and tan with us for FREE for an entire week. We’d love the opportunity to show you why our many loyal customers continue to choose Bodyshades year after year.


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