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Bodyshades Sun Tan Outlet is home to the highest quality tanning equipment in the area. Each bed that we carry is a leader in its class; offering unique features and benefits. Our beds contain top quality Hereaus lamps that have proven to deliver unparalleled bronzed results. We measure the UV output of our lamps weekly and change our lamps before manufacturers suggested tolerances to ensure that our beds out perform the competitions. Our beds are thoroughly cleaned inside and out on a regular basis.

Stand Up Beds

Lie Down Beds

Our Entropy bed is the paramount choice for those who seek immediate colour results and those who tend to burn easily. This high-pressure bed emits less than 1% of UVB rays, which greatly reduces the risk of overexposure. It also emits high amounts of UVA rays that continue to bronze the skin for hours after tanning. Normally, the outer layer of skin exfoliates every 28 days. When exposed to UVB rays as in a low-pressure bed, the skin exfoliates prematurely every 5-10 days. Since this high-pressure system filters out the majority of UVB rays, the skin can maintain its normal exfoliation process and keep its tans for a longer time. Our salon would be incomplete without this bronzing guru!
Craving an absolutely flawless tan? Look no further than our Ultra bed. Standing up in this bed virtually eliminates all pressure points and results in a perfectly even tan. This bed works wonders for targeting those tough to reach areas such as the sides of the body and under the arms, and comes equip with head and shoulder reflectors for enhanced shoulder tanning. It’s large quiet overhead fan keeps the bed cool and comfortable while 180-Watt reflector lamps deliver beautifully bronzed colour in just a couple of sessions!
Our Extreme bed is nothing short of extreme! Composed of fifty-two 180-Watt reflector lamps which offer our tanners an increased total UV output; this bed produces noticeable color results in as little as one session! The ergonomic acrylic shape of this bed has been proven to reduce stress and allow for increased blood flow. It is extra-wide and equip with full body fans making it both spacious and comforable to tan in. Combine immediate colour results with maximum comfort and its no surprise why this bed has become a favorite amongst our most avid tanners!
Our Super bed is well suited for tanners who like to relax and enjoy a 15-minute getaway per day! Equip with 100-Watt reflector bulbs and 500-Watt facial tanners this bed produces bronzed exteriors in just a few sessions. It is an excellent choice for those who desire a more moderate approach in achieving a very “sun-similar” tan. Experiencing this bed feels very much like a sunny day at the beach with the rays showering down and the full body fans acting as a warm breeze. Clients who experience the results of our 15-minute Super bed are likely to never go back to a typical 20-25 minute tanning bed again!
Love the results of the Extreme bed but feel that 7 minutes of tan time just isn’t long enough? Then it’s time to get your tan on in our 10 minute Ultra bed! Featuring four 500-Watt facial tanners which emit up to 2000 Watts of bronzing power; a beautiful facial glow is guaranteed to result. Intelligently designed with an extra deep body dome and full body fans makes this bed uber comfortable to tan in. Combine 10 minutes of relaxation time with great colour results and gain the best of both worlds!
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